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Sparkling Grape 0% alcohol, x6 70cl
  • Sparkling Grape 0% alcohol, x6 70cl

Sparkling Grape 0% alcohol, x6 70cl

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Sparkling Grape 0% alcohol, x6 70cl.

Pearl’s is the universal premium festive drink made with 100% natural ingredients and 0% alcohol.

This halal-certified fine sparkling grape juice is perfect for any celebration or occasion.

Floral and fruity notes make up the aroma which develop slowly in intensity.

The elegant bubbles enhance the mouthfeel, bringing a fresh, light tonicity.

Bottled within days of harvest, Pearl’s is made from the most pure French grapes.



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Pearl’s gets its unique refreshing taste from two French grape varieties, Chardonnay and Folle Blanche.

Our strong relationship with the vineyards ensures that only the best grapes are picked during harvest.This allows us to create a superior product.

In order to develop a 100% natural beverage, Pearl’s is produced annually, every September, when French grape

Pearl's x6